McDonalds To Hire Thousands on “McDonalds National Hiring Day.”

McDonalds National Hiring DayThose folks out of work and looking for a job might want to mark April 19, 2012, on their calendars.  That is the day McDonalds has designated as it’s first McDonalds National Hiring Day.  On that day, the company plans to fill approximately 50 thousand positions throughout the country.  If you are searching for jobs hiring now, one of those jobs could be yours.

Many people might nor realize this, but over 75% of McDonalds store managers started in entry level jobs.  McDonalds is known for giving it’s employees the chance to rise up the company ladder. In fact, to succeed in top-level positions in the company you need to know about all the nuts and bolts regarding how to run a store.  Starting on a crew at one of the McDonalds locations gives you the perfect baseline from which to move on from.


Take Advantage Of McDonalds National Hiring Day!

To some, McDonalds jobs serve as secondary employment.  They use their paycheck to pay for some of their bills or for possible summer vacations.  Students love McDonalds jobs, because they provide them the flexibility to work different shifts.  This is especially true for college students. Today, there are hundreds of McDonalds stores that are open 24 hours.  Obviously the longer they stay open, the greater the need for employees.

McDonalds National Signing Day could be a great day for many people.  Some of the new employees who get their start that day will look back 20 years from now and cherish the day they started working for this cherished American company that has helped so many over the years.

Those who are interested in taking advantage of McDonalds National Hiring Day and apply at local McDonalds locations or online here.  Good luck!

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